Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Haters will say it's Photoshop....LXIV Pomade

    For quite some time, a lot of you have been asking us here at MD Barber Supply to come out with a water-based pomade, and after a year or so of experimenting and refining, we have finally released what we consider to be the best pomade on the market: L-XIV. I know what you are thinking…“L-X-I-V? What does that even mean?” Think back to your grade school days when learning about Roman numerals, and you will probably recall that “XIV” represents the number “14.” Look at that, you thought you were going to come here and read about a pomade, but little did you know there was going to be a math class too! Anyway, while sitting at the drawing table deciding important factors about our pomade, we decided that we wanted to create a product that would pay homage to the history of pomade and the classical culture it was developed in. What better way to do this than to name our flagship model after King Louis XIV, the legendary French monarch? Hence, L-XIV: the classiest, most elegant, best looking, best smelling, AND best holding pomade on the market. Before going into our new flagship model of pomade, let me entertain the history geek within. Perhaps you might find this as interesting as I did!

 Did you know that pomade was once made from crushed apples, or that pomade in the 1800s was made from bear fat and sheep’s wool, which gave it the original “greasy” texture that so many people fell in love with? In fact, pomade has a vibrant and rich history which has influenced fashion and hairstyles for thousands of years.  Around 2,000 years ago, Roman citizens began experimenting with recipes for a hair dressing that would make styling and parting hair much easier. By crushing apples and adding other minerals and clays, they developed a pomata, or “poma,” literally meaning “apple [ointment/dressing].” Yes, the first pomade was really applesauce that people slathered all in their hair. This pomata grew in popularity, and a few hundred years later, the Latin pomum would take its place, using apples and beeswax as a foundation. Around the same time, many early Europeans relied on soap as a hair product, forgoing the apple mixture altogether and keeping their hair smelling clean and fresh, but the actual roots of contemporary pomade are absent from early English society. Regardless, it would take 18th Century Englishmen and Frenchmen to actually develop pomade as you know and love it today.

                  Around the turn of the 18th century, social elites within the royal and wealthy families began experimenting with new styles and hair fashions. The French developed a recipe which utilized beeswax and various oils, calling it a pommade, or “[fruity] ointment.” Borrowing from the Latin pomum, the recipe called for a fragrant product, but without the mashed and crushed apples. With beeswax as the main ingredient, a person’s hair would stay in specific style or form for longer. The fragrance simply helped make a rather “stinky” time-period a little more bearable. About a hundred years later, the English, not to be outdone by the French, took this recipe and exchanged the beeswax for bear fat, adding lanolin (wool-fat) for softness and smoother texture. This new method of hair dressing needed a new name, as not to be confused with the French formula, so in a moment of pure genius creativity, the English came up with pomade, simply dropping the “m” found in the French name. So let’s recap—the English “pomade” comes from the French “pommade,” which comes from the Latin “pomum,” which comes from the Italian “pomata” which means “apple.” Make sense? Of course, modern pomades don’t have bear fat or applesauce in them. Instead, petroleum took their place toward the turn of the 20th century, and water-based pomades came into existence near the turn of the 21st century. Modern pomades certainly have a fragrant smell, but I’m sure you will be hard pressed to find one like “apple” (see what I did there?) or “fruity bear fat.” Our L-XIV water-based pomade pays tribute to this era of French and English invention, as without their contributions, you wouldn’t have a “tub of ‘made” on your back table or bathroom counter.

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                  As far as choosing Louis XIV—the legendary King of France—as the name for our pomade, the choice was simple: Louis XIV reigned for 72 years and 110 days, the longest reign any monarch in European history has ever boasted, and we intend to extend King Louis’ reign, no longer in the political arena, but in the pomade industry. An added benefit is found in Louis XIV’s personal style, as his hair was ridiculously boisterous and huge—a fitting and ideal candidate for an episode of Extreme Makeover: Historical Edition.  

                  Speaking of our L-XIV water-based pomade, I’m sure you are already asking the question, “well, what makes it any different from all the other pomades on the market?” Good question. I’m proud of you for thinking of it. My response: if we are talking about the method of application, or the reliability of a water-based pomade—nothing. Oh, except that we made the formula better and cheaper than anything else on the market. Method of application? Still use your hands, but the smooth, buttery texture of L-XIV makes for an enjoyable styling experience with no greasy or gritty feeling. Say good bye to using alcohol to rid pomade off your hands between clients! The reliability of the pomade? L-XIV withstands drastic temperatures without going “frail,” yet does not harden as other pomades do, that way you can restyle your hair later on if you wish. You have probably heard the popular phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That is certainly true, but here at MD Barber Supply, we have a response to this phrase: “Unless you can make it better.” And that’s exactly what we have done—our pomade is better quality than products two or three times our cost, and I don’t mean simply relative quality/price. Maybe you can relate to this: we shop at certain stores because they are cheap, not necessarily because we know they have good products, but what if you knew you could get an exquisite product for a killer deal? You would take that opportunity every time. I like to think of L-XIV as a real diamond ring at costume jewelry pricing, or lobster tail at Taco Bell’s $1 menu pricing. Actually, I think I would still choose a Beefy Crunch Burrito over a lobster tail any day of the week…but the principle remains!

                  Our L-XIV water-based pomade is on pre-order at this very moment and is expected to ship December 1st or sooner, making it to your shops and homes in plenty of time before the Christmas rush. If you are a shop owner, I HIGHLY suggest you give us a call to talk about wholesale pricing and retailing this wonderful pomade in your shop. Now, just to give an example of public and professional reactions to L-XIV, MD Barber Supply was present at a trade show and barber battle on the West Coast this past weekend, and we had the opportunity to show off L-XIV. The conclusion of the barbers was unanimous: “Wow. This is an amazing pomade.” Don’t miss out on this product—your customers will thank you, and your wallet will thank us!


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