Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"The Barber Bible" by Vick Damone

Barber Bible
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There are plenty of books on the market about “Barbering 101.” Perhaps you have your books from barbering school sitting in a corner collecting dust? Lets face it, barbering books can be boring to read. Between measurements, boring and rather irrelevant history, outdated material, and poor writing styles, these usually make reading into the barbering industry a rather dreadful task. Say no more, fam. Our friend Vic The Barber has you covered. Recently, Vick Damone released his works, “The Barber Bible,” a collection of first hand barbering experiences and lessons learned (some the hard way!). I had the pleasure of sitting down with the 120 page volume recently and caught a glimpse into the life of Mr. Damone, his success in the industry, and the goals he is currently working towards. Understanding that we are all dealt a specific hand of cards in life, Vick tends to explain that is what we do with that hand that matters. YOUR life matters, and YOU have the ability to turn it into something great, or you can choose to bypass the opportunity set before you no matter how great or unfortunate your circumstances may be.
                  The opening chapters provide valuable insight for the aspiring barber. If you or someone you know is considering the profession, this might just be what helps decide between the various paths of licensing: Barber school or apprenticeship? What tools should you immediately start out with, and what tools should you save for over time? Vick also explains his take on barbering ethics and values that he believes each barber, whether just beginning their journey or those who are well aged, should possess. These tips help ensure that clientele will keep returning week after week. By asking these four simple questions, Vick encourages the reader to develop themselves relationally and professionally: Am I being the type of barber I would want cutting my hair? Am I providing a service that I myself would appreciate? How is my appearance and hygiene? And how is my attitude? As matter a fact, the major theme within The Barber Bible is attitude. According to Vick, an individual literally has the ability to alter their reality by changing the way they think, which will dramatically alter the way that people think about them.  Vick continues to describe the 10 steps required for attaining a “winning” attitude, but you will have to get the book to discover these 10 principles for yourself!
                  When you decided to become a barber, there was more than likely three deciding factors involved: (1) The enjoyment of working with people, (2) the enjoyment of developing your artwork, and (3) the ability to make GOOD money! As a barber, you have the ability to make $20,000 a year, or $100,000 a year, and because of this Vick wrote an entire chapter dedicated to money and saving. Pulling from Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University,” Mr. Damone elaborates on the importance of saving and establishing your finances so that you can live and retire in comfort. Smart money making techniques also requires smart spending habits, and Vick certainly hits the topic square on. The majority of barbers came into the industry without knowledge on healthy spending, so even though you might make an average of $35,000-$40,000 a year, you might still find yourself struggling when bills are due. If this is you, I highly suggest grabbing this book to learn healthy spending habits. Your wallet will thank you for this later in life.
                  The later chapters in The Barber Bible deal exclusively with individuals who are established within the trade and are seeking to grow further with their businesses and potential brands. Reaching into his wealth of experience and knowledge in developing the trade, Vick engages with the reader and encourages those who are interested to set attainable goals. According to Vick, these goals need to be SMART: Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound. In order to fully understand the role each principle plays, you will have to get the book! If starting your own shop is your goal, then chapter 8 and 9 are dedicated to you! Establishing your shop and developing your branding are essential in barbering success. Sure, you can come out with your own private label merchandise, but if you do not have the tools or knowledge in branding, then your products will simply gather dust on the shelves, just like those barbering books from school! If you want your brand to do well, then you need to do well. YOU are your brand! Vick goes into fine detail into tricks and tips to help establish your shop and branding, so I will not elaborate further.
                  This book reflects quite a bit of Vick’s religious and philosophic interpretations and perceptions. Even if that is not what you were hoping to get out if the volume, fear not, for there is plenty of valuable information and encouragement within the pages outside of his personal beliefs and convictions.  If you are interested in starting your barbering career, developing your existing career, or even finishing your career strong, then you might consider adding this volume to your shelf. There is so much that I would like to share with you from this book, but that would spoil the surprise! At 120 pages, this is not begging for an excruciating amount of reading time. Actually, you might be able to finish the entire volume within a slow afternoon or morning at your shop! Sit back in your chair and enjoy an engaging read which may offer you valuable information and/or encouragement to help you along the way to success within your trade.

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