Wednesday, September 7, 2016

In Depth Product Review: Barber Box V5

For most barbers 90% of your income comes from haircuts done in a shop.  For some barbers however, being willing to travel to the customers' location has unlocked clientelle and has helped fill in the gaps when times are slow or you are between shops.  The Barber Box V5 was made for the professional mobile barber.

If you have never considered offering mobile services consier the following facts: (1) Many clients are willing to pay $40-$100 for a home/office visit.  Busy Clients may want you to come to their office to cut their hair.  Elderly clients may be unable to travel to a barber shop.  (2) Being a mobile barber means low expenses.  You don't have to rent a chair or pay comission on mobile barbering resulting in huge savings. (3) It's a great way to sneak in a few haircuts on your off days when the shop is closed or when it is after hours and you want to close the shop.

Whatever your reason for pursuing mobile barber servies - there is no other carrying case designed so perfectly to meet the needs of a barber.  We know barbers and our experience shows in our products!  The key differences between the barber boxes and other boxes are:

SIZE: the V5 is 36% bigger then the competition.  It's hard to tell in photos but this box is big. This is important for ensuring you can fit all your tools in the box.

36% Larger than other boxes, holds 8+ Clippers!

STAND: The V5 can be ordered with an optional four-legged, collapsable stand.

CASH: The V5 features a secret location for storing change and tips.

False Bottom Hides Cash

SPEED: The V5 is the ONLY box that allows you to leave all your clippers plugged in while you travel by using a secure ONE PLUG system.


 SECURITY: The V5 features two separately programmable combination locks allowing 1,000,000 possible combinations.

Double Combination Locks

STAYS PUT: The lid can be held at 90 degrees to allow maximum access to tools.

LOW PROFILE: The lid is completely removable for use at a barber station in a shop.

DURABLE: Steel corner guards protect the box and your tools from damage.

If you have any questions about the Barber Box V5, please just give us a call at (866) 939 5588 and we will help you decide if this box is right for you!

Overnight shipping is available, for more information visit

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