Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Exposed Blade Sicilian Razor for Barbers

   One of the biggest frustrations with using a Shavette style razor is not being able to see what you are doing. Usually, the blade is recessed in the action, whether swing-lock or carriage-slide, so that a small sliver is exposed. As a barber, if you are simply squaring the neck line or working any kind of facial areas, this isn't a big deal. Theres enough space to work around—but one of the emerging themes in professional barbering is the art of design! I have seen some of the work you guys do. Team logos, stars, tribal designs, maybe even the freaking Mona Lisa! I have even seen women sitting in barber chairs getting some kind of design on the back of their lower neck from some of you gentlemen. One of the complaints we have heard here at MD Barber Supply is that the standard Shavette handles do not easily accommodate this kind of design work, so the team set out to fix that issue. The Sicilian was born. 

MD BARBER Sicilian Exposed Blade Razor
   When the crew at MD Barber created The Sicilian razor, the most important thing that needed to be addressed was the amount of blade exposure. As previously mentioned, most Shavette style razors have a small sliver of blade exposure, so it is easy for the blade holder to obscure the work area in tight and intricate spaces. To fix this, the handle was redesigned, and the result is beautiful! The Sicilian boasts an impressive 5X the amount of exposure than any other blade on the market. That allows you as the barber to see your work area even better! Another added benefit is that the exposed blade can also act as a parter: I was speaking to a barber in Seattle who has used The Sicilian for a few months, and he was saying that the extra exposure allows him to part the customers hair in the intricate spaces, something which he had to use two hands to do before. 
   It seems so simple, yet it had never been done before! If the handle is obscuring the work area, increase the blade exposure! Even though this seems magical, there are a few things to consider about The Sicilian, so lets draw a pro and con list. 
   We already know the pros—great blade exposure, and utilizing the exposure to part hair in intricate spaces—but theres one thing to consider about The Sicilian, which isn't necessarily a con, rather more of a restriction. The increased blade exposure allows for the blade to be more pliable than if it were further recessed, so using The Sicilian as a general razor for squaring the neck line or performing full facial work might result in you being more prone to cut the customer. This razor is not intended to replace your current general usage cutter, rather is is intended to be an added tool for the intricate work you do. This is not to say that you cant use The Sicilian for general squaring, just keep in mind that you would need to be extra careful in your work! As stated, this isn't so much of a con as much as it is a restriction or word of advice. 

  • Pros
    • Maximum blade exposure
    • Can be used as a parting tool 

  • Cons
    • The blade exposure results in a more pliable blade, so you need to be conscientious of your workmanship as not to cut the customer.

  What started as an experiment has now turned into one of MD Barber Supplies best selling products. The Sicilian razor is a welcomed innovation in the barbering community, and something that can quite possibly change your barbering game! Its available on, the MD Barber app in the app stores, and through phone orders. If you are performing intricate design work, this tool might just become your best friend!

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