Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Barber Box: Mobile Barber Case

md barber boxIf you’re a barber who moves from shop to shop or makes the occasional house call, then you’ve experienced the challenge in bringing all of your equipment with you, and frankly, it’s a pain. But we’ve got a product that will get rid of this problem: Barber Box V5 carrying case. This case will make your job so much easier! With it, all of your tools will be neatly accessible and within reach so you can focus on your client.

What Makes the Barber Box V5 Different?
This is the latest version of the barber case, and it’s about 30 percent larger than its competitors. In fact, it can hold:

  • 6 or more clippers/trimmers
  • 10 or more detachable blades 
  • plenty of razors, combs and other small tools, including 6 shears/razors slots in the lid

md barber boxAnother great feature of this barber clipper box is its internal power supply option. This is built right into the case and will save you time. Instead of having to set up and plug in each tool at the start of a visit and unplug all of them again at the end, your clippers and tools can always remain set up and plugged in to your case. With an easy-to-remove panel on the case, you only need one plug to power all of your equipment, so you can quickly set up shop and get to work!

Why We Like It
Not only does this traveling barber case let you keep your own tools within reach, but the durable case protects your supplies while not in use thanks to the giant foam cushion that forms the interior body of the kit. Under a removable tray is a hidden money box designed to keep your tips and payments safe. When the case is closed, a secure combination lock guards the box and adds additional security.

Other features include:

    md barber box with stand
  • Removable trays
  • Shoulder strap for comfortable transport
  • Lid can be removed or stopped at 90-degree position
  • Large, removable mirror that easily lets you show your clients their haircut

Get the convenience of the Barber Box V5, and bring it with you to teach at barber universities or take it to hair shows and on-site haircuts. This deluxe barber case for clippers, razors and accessories is top of the line and will give you peace of mind knowing that your expensive tools are safe and secure when not in use. There’s only one place to get this case: MD Barber. If counter space is limited and you need a place to prop your box while you work, the portable stand we offer will do the trick. If you have questions or concerns about our barber boxes, feel free to contact us today. We’re happy to walk you through the process and explain how versatile this case can be!

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